Me desborde por ti como una catarata (ingles)

Let us overflow for you like a waterfall,

as an impulse of water without container neither eddy,


The first low instant the savannas,

The first second,

The first centigrade of heat on your skin.

Of who the flower and the aroma feel dear, pursued and suffocated.

The eclipse you takes possession of the reason,

you takes possession of all strategy and of all movement,

I understand…

To love you it is not needed to think,

mathematical calculations are not needed,

neither special searches, neither verses.

To be allowed to take, simply to take for the wind that pushes me from the horizon.

We are and to fall in love was a magic act

an instant where the life is generated and it is savored,


Your love is the motor that takes me to all summit and all collapse

to everything to drift and to all test,

to all festival and all station where it is expected

the song and the flight of the birds, the flowers reciting the history that congregates us.

Allow me to stay in you, in the daily thing and in the extraordinary thing,

that they don’t erase you my lips, the rumor of the time, neither the pain of my defects,

that they don’t go out the nights

that colored of the delivery they are prolonged

they fall asleep between sighs and secrets…

March 2005
Carlos Fernández Peña
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Una respuesta a Me desborde por ti como una catarata (ingles)

  1. claudia dijo:

    This is not mine, but is beautiful. Salute.


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